Growing up as a little girl, I resented that my petite stature gave cause for my peers to poke fun at my size to make me feel subordinate to them. My mother always told me, “Big things come in small packages.” What I came away understanding was that size did not measure a person’s worth. It was discovering the “gem” of an abundantly explosive talent waiting to be unwrapped and opened. The arts are the conduit through which each and every human being can discover their talent thereby enriching our society. The purpose of my website has three components: first, to share some of life’s lessons I’ve learned along the way and how that process evolves each and every day. Second, to showcase projects both as a working actor, voiceover artist, and talk show host/blogger and theater education practitioner /scholar; third, to provide resources for both of these career paths; thereby, facilitating their complementary missions. Be sure to visit my new website First Online With Fran, a talk show/blog that serves to be the sounding board to bring sustainable national attention to the vital inclusion of The Arts in people’s lives by inviting guests from all walks of life – ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things to make The Arts the fabric of our existence. If you would like to join me, then be sure to contact me with your ideas. You never know…small packages can surprise you!

Monday, June 23, 2014

DEAR MOM coming to NYC!

written by Jay Falzone & Nancy Holson

Based on actual letters written by real daughters to their mothers

Thursday, July 10  6PM
Friday, July 11  12PM

Friday, July 11 8PM
Saturday, July 12  2PM
Saturday, July 12  8PM
Sunday, July 13  3PM

In the near corner:  Linda, a 45 year-old control freak with mommy issues.
In the far corner:  Joan, her feisty mother, on her way out but not without a fight.
Two women who know exactly how to push each other's buttons.
One last grudge match.

Theater for The New City

Cino Theatre

155 First Avenue

(between 9th & 10th Streets)

New York, NY  1000


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